We Repair and Install Electrical Panels Better and Cheaper!

It’s natural to not give the electricity in your home a second thought until something goes wrong. It happens all the time. Heck, it’s even natural for many homeowners to not know where their main panel is located. Although these are natural habits, it’s important that homeowners are fully aware of the state of their electricity and its current capacity.

The main panel (also called the circuit breaker or service panel) is a piece of equipment that is responsible for navigating the electricity safely from the power lines to the circuits of your home without delay or problems. Most of the time the panel does its job correctly. However, there are times when connections are interrupted and an outage may occur.

When this happens, you need professional repair or installation services from a licensed electrician in Fullerton, CA. While flipping a breaker or even changing a fuse may not be a major deal for a homeowner, any other maintenance of this box should only be handled by an electrician from My Fullerton Electrician Hero.

We Can Help You Modernize Your Electrical System

Older homes are charming, but they usually have a multitude of electrical problems. Many older homes have service panels that are outdated and need to have circuits added to shoulder the increased electrical needs of the 21st century. You may even need to install a secondary panel to provide electricity to additions to the house. If you’ve been experiencing intermittent power outages to lighting fixtures and switches in your home, this could be the reason for the interruption.

Aged service panels put your home at risk of developing a fire. Don’t risk losing everything you cherish. Instead, call My Fullerton Electrician Hero to find out how we can help you modernize your system while staying within your budget.

Emergency Electrical Services 24/7

Do you need a Fullerton electrician right now? We have you covered!

Call us at your convenience to schedule an appointment. Our emergency electricians will be at your door today to go over your options and quote you a price. For exceptional quality at a tremendous value, call My Fullerton Electrician Hero.